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 Babsi in Munich I
Babsi in Munich I
"Expressionism, the figure and myself"

On my way as a painter, from realistic painting over impressionistic forms of expression I have reached my own form of expressionism years ago.

I prefer to paint humans. The body, his language and the possibility to find the absurd in it are fascinating me.
When the body is at rest, he is not silent yet. Not the forced poses or almost acrobatic movements are in the center of attention for me, but more the absent-minded, relaxed, also arbitrary but spontaneous ones. Fingers and toes have an immense attraction on me. I have found my style in sculpture and painiting but I don't want to caught in it. Within the context of my forms of expression i vary it according to topic or subject. For example in painting. Colors will change, motifs, materials and the reasons for them will change since especially as an artist I can't stop moving.
There are themes I only work short on, others last longer. Parts of my art are spontaneous painting or sculptures then again my images or sculptures may transcribe situations of my life. Bizarreness can never be bizarre enough for me and my paintings.
To a large extent my images are a result of my desire to express as a painter the very same things which also touch me as a human being at that time. The figures I use for that are correspondingly distorted, incomplete ore reduced to a torso according to purpose. If proportions of hands, feet or other parts suddenly grow, they symbolize power or even tranquility. Heads shrink abnormally in order to show a special relationship to rationality, excluding intellectuality for the moment.
In most of my images, people appear alone and even if they seem relaxed they are not exactly happy in their lonelyness. But this situation is not a result of the absence of other people but of a lack of open communication between them.
The colors are used to underline the inner disposition of these figures. And the are always undressed as if I would tear away the curtain from their souls.
I only use the things my eyes are seeing in paintings to express the things I feel inside.
But for me as a painter this lonelyness is not a primary and imperative main focus as a principle like in the images of 1992, 93 and 94. Sometimes this loneliness only accompanies another theme.
Sometimes sexual characteritistics pop up as a symbol for femininity. This may be just an identification with my self as a woman, I assume.

Text, Ana de Medeiros; 1993

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