Fine arts artists Ana de Medeiros - Painter and Sculptor
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By - Catherine Yakovina
(Paintings, photographs, prose, poetry...)
Ana Paula Neves
Abstract, expressive painting
Christine Rieck-Sonntag
Painting and grafhic
André Maitre (Maitre André)
Gestic painting, sculptures, digital drawings.
Custódio Morganheira de Carvalho
Silver and Pearl!
Andreas Duschberg
Expressive painting
Dieter Wagner
Art - Painting - Mythology
Andreas Löschner-Gornau
Object, - interactiv, installations, -concept art
Edgar Meutzner (Lositheed)
Painting and lyric
Andreas Mattern
Watercolors, etchings
Georgus -  Malerei: Pictures - 
acrylic pictures, computer graphics, artist books art portal
Anne Worbes
Surrealistic pictures
Gerda Maria Blender
Abstract and cubistic oil pictures
H. R. Giger
Futuristic Surrealism
António Santos Costa (Tosaco)
Journalist, writer and painter
Jaime Manuel de Medeiros
Caricatura, cartoons (Ana de Medeiros Brother)
Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski
Beatrice Bohl (Bea Bohl)
Contemporary abstract art
Jaro Schlesiona
- Studio Jaro - Paintigs, Photographie, Objects